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Career History Hannes van Rensburg is a veteran of the mobile industry and trained nuclear scientist. He is best known as the founder of Fundamo, the leading supplier of mobile banking and payment solutions, acquired by Visa Inc. in June 2011. After serving as SVP at Visa for a number of years, he joined ACI Worldwide as SVP in 2016 to develop new initiatives in the payments industry, primarily focused on the US market. He has been voted as one of the top hundred most influential people in telecommunication three years in a row. He has also been given a lifetime achievement award by the Mobile Entertainment Forum for his work in growing the mobile payment industry globally.


The Payments Business

Taking payments in chat to market

30 Jun 2020

There were some high profile announcements of WhatsApp payments available in Brazil ( recently. Anybody interested in chat commerce sat up and took notice. Some also tried out Facebook Pay, the payments service WhatsApp owner Facebook launched last year. I can say with some certainty, we all were excited about the possibili...


The versatility of chat as a commerce channel

17 Jun 2020

We truly live in a digital world. I can think of only a handful of things that we spend our time on that is not digital. For the rest, we are dependent on digital devices to interact with our world. Nowadays, these devices come in many different form factors, ranging from desktop computers, set-top boxes, voice-activated devices to mobile phones. ...


To chat or to have a conversation

09 Jun 2020

There has been a lot of hype about conversational commerce. Many say that this will be the future of how people will interact with technology. In question, however, is how will technology be able to understand us and respond? Of course we should be able to talk to technology, like we do with other humans. One can see how brands have embraced this ...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Integrating payments with chat

03 Jun 2020

For a start, it is important to define what I mean by chat. In this context, “chat” does not mean that irritating chat-blob that often pops up when you visit a website. Not at all. What I am referring to is using a chat application like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to engage with a brand. Instead of using these chat applications to communicate w...