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Vasile Valcov

Vasile Valcov

Chief Commercial Officer at Salt Edge
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Bio Vasile Valcov is the Chief Commercial Officer at Salt Edge, a leader in open banking, where he plays a key role in setting and implementing the company's development and commercial strategy, at both regional and global scales. Career History Having worked in the open banking and fintech industries for the past six years, Vasile has gained valuable expertise in regulatory, business, and technical matters. He has been contributing to open banking adoption based on public consultations with national regulators, presentations during open banking events, expert article writing, and helping businesses of all sizes to build on open banking.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Choosing the open banking strategy that fits a bank’s needs is now easier

20 Apr 2023

As technology evolves and is more present in our lives, consumers are beginning to ask why banking services cannot be as intuitive as managing their music playlists. Higher consumer expectations combined with the currently fast-changing environment brought by open banking make banks jump into new innovative waters. In the past, banks’ open bankin...

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The trends transforming today's digital banking

18 Jul 2022

This is an excerpt from Finextra’s report, 'The Future of Digital Banking in the UK 2022'. Close your eyes for a second. Imagine you’ve just looped into the future and are now getting ready to order something online. You’re scrolling through websites, looking for the perfect match between price and quality. All of the sudden, you get a notificat...