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Chief Commercial Officer at Sygno
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Bio Sales & Business Development (with an international team)- our AI/Machine Learning solution generates models based on good customer behavior. With anomaly detection we flag anything suspicious or unusual. This approach is radically different than existing AML or fraud solutions available in the market. Our solution shifts away from the rule-based approach and optimises or augments currently used TM systems. We make the models more custom to specific use cases. We make fraud and AML processes much more efficient. Career History Former sales for Regnology (Bearingpoint), selling Regulatory Risk reporting software. Before I worked for 6,5 years in different roles at Dun & Bradstreet (including Account Director for Financial Institutions). Strong focus on data (and software) solutions that supported different Risk & Compliance projects within the (tier 1) banks. Before I worked for several years at Morningstar (research software) and also have a background in Asset Management (BlackRock and Robeco).


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Securing weak spots in AML: Optimizing Model Evaluation with Automated Machine Learning

04 May 2023

Manually evaluating transaction monitoring models is slow and error-prone, with mistakes resulting in potentially large fines. To avoid this, banks are increasingly turning to automated machine learning. Regulators increasingly expect banks and financial institutions to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their transaction monitoring system...