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Julie Lindenberg

Julie Lindenberg

CEO, APAC at Cogo
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Bio Together with my team, we are empowering millions of businesses and consumers globally to understand and measure their carbon footprint and take action to reduce their impact. Career History I am passionate about the power of collective change and the fact that we can all take steps to lower our carbon footprint and move the sustainability conversation forward - individually and together. Having worked in senior roles in some of the most innovative brands in the fintech and banking sectors, I am best known for an ability to inspire teams to achieve audacious goals.


Fintech World

The fintech industry needs more town planners (and chefs; and business owners; and school teachers…)

31 Jul 2023

A town planner walks into a tech company. The programmers eye each other out, intrigued by the unexpected arrival. The town planner was not wearing noise-cancelling headphones; they weren’t wearing the ‘standard issue company tshirt’ (and if they are, it’s with loafers!); and they certainly weren’t joining the lunchtime Fifa battles. One of the p...


Climate change 1/3 of the way into 2023 - the good; the bad; the ugly

19 Apr 2023

We don’t need a crystal ball to predict that economies globally will likely get worse before they get better; or that energy prices and interest rates will continue to rise. But what does it all mean for the climate; consumers and banks? Late last year, I sat down with Emma Kisby, Cogo’s CEO UK/EU; to discuss the themes we believe will play out ov...