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George Ravich

George Ravich

President at Ravco Marketing, LLC
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Bio Ravco Marketing focuses on late-stage and high growth companies that are ready to gain market traction. We provide fractional and affordable CMO services to build sophisticated marketing programs that accelerate growth. Breakthrough marketing for breakout results! Career History Experienced FinTech / InsurTech marketing executive - CMO Earnix - MD & CMO Synechron - EVP & CMO Polaris Consulting & Services - Head of marketing for CSC Consulting Division - EVP & CMO Fundtech


Transaction Banking

The Digital Big Dig Connecting Investment in Channels with Investment in Back Office

13 Jul 2015

An IDC report released last week cited what may seem like a staggering number – that banks are forecasted to spend $16.6 billion on digital transformation initiatives this year. Additionally, by 2019, one third of IT budgets at US banks will be dedicated to achieving digital transformation, a CAGR of 10.4%. This may seem like an astounding number ...



The way to corporate banking customers' hearts? Go mobile!

03 Jun 2011

By offering mobile banking services, banks can encourage their small business customers to upgrade from low-margin retail banking platforms to a higher-margin, higher-value cash management platform. For years, banks have been seeking the answer to the pressing question: how can they convert their small business customers from low-margin retail bank...


Transaction Banking

Transaction banking: monetising the data goldmine

14 Sep 2010

Lowly transaction banking – that backwater business that revolves around processing transactions –has only recently begun to receive proper recognition as a major contributor to the bottom line. Having produced steady growth and profits throughout the past several years it may just become a strategic asset for banks. With low risk and high return


Transaction Banking

Corporate Treasury - The New Reality

12 Jul 2010

Has there ever been a better time to be a bean counter? Those who count the cash have seen their status in the organization soar to new heights as liquidity has become as important as the latest expansion strategy or marketing initiative. With credit lines constricted, cash isn't just king – it's God! So what should treasurers do about it? I thi...

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