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Bigger than Technology

The Tragedy didn't need to happen; Bitcoin Miami became a COVID-19 hotspot

16 Jun 2021

The "Bitcoin 2021" Conference in Miami over the first week of June became a Covid 19 hotspot. Some Bitcoin die-hard fans argue that BTC frees people from the clutches of the governments. Using Blockchain technology to open the borders and secure events from COVID It was confirmed that many participants at the recently held event in

Blockchain Observations

POS (proof of stake) is Crypto’s New Green Deal

19 May 2021

Cryptocurrencies and the environmental challenges Bitcoin lovers and detractors have been fiercely arguing whether Bitcoin, the No. 1 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, is good for the environment or not. Bitcoin evangelists say that "the government-controlled currency and the entire financial infrastructure that supports it r...

Blockchain Observations

Reopening the world with a blockchain solution

12 May 2021

The biggest challenge the world faces today is absolute economic decimation for a large number of its population as we attempt to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and the havoc it has wrought on economies, businesses, communities and individuals around the world. Like many we surmised the critical difference between the approach to the 1918 Sp...