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Bio Since qualifying as a Medical Doctor in 2010, Dexter has worked in Elderly Care and Neurology in various hospitals in London and overseas. He is a Clinical Research Fellow at the UCL Dementia Research Centre and holds a MSc in Research Methods from UCL, Membership in the Royal College of Physicians and is an NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow. He was compelled to provide better safeguards for vulnerable people when a patient was financially abused, losing the savings to fund his place in a care home. This spurred him to set up Kalgera in 2017, blending his expertise in dementia, with his entrepreneurial drive.


Financial Inclusion

Understanding Financial Mental Capacity

21 Sep 2021

Mental capacity is the ability to receive and process information to make and communicate decisions on specific questions. We make decisions all day every day, from deciding what to eat and what to wear to more complex decisions like our finances - whether to spend or save, or whether to take out a certain financial product. Throughout our lives, ...