Austin Talley

Austin Talley

Founder and CEO at Everyware
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Career History For over 20 years, Austin (Larry) has aimed to exceed limits: from computer programming in the US Navy, to developing software for hotels and resorts, these experiences have led to his current role as founder and CEO of the Austin-based start-up, Everyware. His expertise, specifically in the hospitality and travel space, provided him with extensive insight into the shortcomings in payment and communication technology. He saw value in companies collecting payments via text and two-way messaging, so he set out to build the tech. Everyware was born with the original purpose of simplifying the process to collect payments. Fast-forward 5 years and Everyware is the leading contactless payment and engagement solution extending upon industries ranging from healthcare to nonprofits, hospitality, utilities and beyond.



Payments Trends to Watch in 2024

08 Feb 2024

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Saving Patient Lives: The Critical Role of Fintech in Modern Healthcare

20 Dec 2023

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Online Payment Security: Unraveling the Power of Multi-Factor Authentication and Trust Scores

16 Jun 2023

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Maximizing Sales and Generating Qualified Leads with the Right Website Tools

28 Feb 2023

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