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Founder and CEO at CloudTrade
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Bio David Cocks is the co-founder and CEO of CloudTrade. David co-founded CloudTrade in 2009 and has managed the company as CEO from day one. Under David's leadership CloudTrade has grown into a global provider of intelligent data capture and automation services, delivered by CloudTrade's own patented, machine-learning technology. As the market leader in document automation, CloudTrade makes 100 per cent accurate data processing accessible for all senders and receivers of application generated documents. Over 650 customers globally around the world trust CloudTrade with 20bn dollars worth of documents as their application generated document automation tool, alongside our 50 plus partners.


Electronic invoicing

Continuous Transaction Controls (CTCs): What businesses need to know

05 Aug 2021

Even though the UK will not be adopting them any time soon... Contrary to what you might expect the founder and CEO of an e-invoicing business to say, the UK will not be adopting continuous transaction controls (CTCs) any time soon, and that is a good thing. However, CTCs are being implemented by many of the UK’s trading partners in Europe and ac...