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Cryptocurrency Insights

In times of economic uncertainty, crypto enables the era of financial autonomy

12 May 2023

Born partly in reaction to the 2008 financial crisis, cryptocurrency was created as a radical alternative to the traditional financial industry. Rewind 15 years: banks that were “too big to fail” had failed and subsequently caused mass panic across the globe. These institutions that held most of the population’s money, lent out trillions of dollar...

Cryptocurrency Insights

How are digital collectibles and Web3 the future of brand-customer relationships?

05 May 2023

Some of the world's biggest brands are already involved - Nike, Disney, Budweiser, Warner Music and Starbucks. What exactly? Well, as Harvard Business Review put it, the “confusing, contested, exciting, utopian, scam-ridden, disastrous, democratizing, (maybe) decentralized world of Web3.” So, what's the hype all about? The term, first coined by Et...