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Partner, Digital Banking at Ross Republic
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Bio I'm Partner at Ross Republic, a strategy and innovation consultancy for the financial services sector. Our teams are based in Amsterdam, Berlin and London. We support B2B and financial services institutions to create new digital business. Banking inevitably becomes a tech play, so the remaining winners now build new digital capabilities and cultures, diversify their business models and innovate their product portfolios. Career History I've over five years of digital venture building and growth strategy experience. Most recently, I worked with BBVA's portfolio company Holvi, where I developed the business development strategy and launched a highly successful current account tailored for founders of SMEs in Europe. Previously, I consulted traditional banks and fintechs on strategic innovation.


Innovation in Financial Services

Why embedded finance is the next evolution in fintech

10 Aug 2020

Apple card. Shopify merchant accounts. Amazon loans. Increasingly, non-banking players are branching out into banking services to improve user experiences and tap into new revenue lines. Such native integrations of financial services into non-banking verticals, e.g. accounting SaaS or marketplaces, are called embedded banking. We expect the embedd...

Innovation in Financial Services

Banks now need a firm sense of their purpose beyond creating shareholder value

03 Apr 2020

Right now it is business-as-not-usual for millions of SMEs due to the Covid-19 crisis. Their survival relies on quick and fair distribution of the emergency funds backed by the British government. That is why banks play an important role as trusted intermediaries. In order to protect the British economy from the unfolding economic shock due to the...