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Innovation in Financial Services

Are you in the driver’s seat? How innovative drivers can inspire traders

28 Nov 2018

There are many synergies with the Formula-E concept and the financial markets. Both operate in a fast-moving market and parallels can be drawn between between drivers and traders; both are in some way high-speed pilots. Traders seek efficiencies and high performance in trying to generate alpha, looking for the ultimate advantage to make the differ...

Unified Communications in Financial Services

The sell-side needs a collaborative workflow solution

18 Oct 2018

Every day, several trillion dollars of securities are traded around the world, often executed in fast-moving volatile markets, as we have seen this week. Between 2000 and 2013, the size of the debt markets grew from $33 trillion to over $90 trillion, and the U.S. treasury debt doubled from $4.5 trillion in 2007 to over $12 trillion in 2014. The dai...

Trends in Financial Services

How is the Italian crisis impacting the trading floor?

01 Jun 2018

Earlier this week, I was in Paris speaking to Traders, Heads of Desks and other people on the floor from various part of the financial ecosystem in France and Europe overall: institutional investors, asset managers, brokers, and investments banks to name a few. There were numerous discussions about technology, innovation and digital transformation...

Capital Markets Technology

How Capital Markets Infrastructure Providers are transforming the industry

17 Jan 2018

Over the last 10 years, I have seen significant changes in global capital markets. Faced with technological disruption and regulatory forces, buy-side and sell-side participants, custodians, and market infrastructure and financial technology providers have all been forced to readdress their business strategies. With this in mind, I wanted to share...