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Head of Marketing at Capium
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Bio Head of Marketing at Capium, Pioneers in Cloud- Accounting. Championing and providing real value and support to Accountants, Bookkeepers and Businesses who want to succeed in their fields online! Personally, I would like to support businesses and like-minded people who want to do well and are willing to work for it. I enjoy running and live music. Career History Incredibly passionate about working in and for the private sector - where you have to be creative with your budgets and you need to be smart, and timely.


Trends in Financial Services

Is AI really the future of accountancy?

18 Jan 2023

Is AI really the future of accountancy? Artificial intelligence (AI) has been subject to a great deal of both hype and scepticism throughout its history. It’s a technology that sparks most people’s imagination – or fear – by calling to mind futuristic, sci-fi concepts. In the accounting industry, an ongoing debate surrounds AI’s ability to carr...