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Covid 19- A Booster for Digital Transformation!!

06 Apr 2020

While Covid19 has created ruckus within the human society across religions/races/geographies/countries/continents, this can change the business models, working cultures and journeys of digital transformation within an enterprise for the future. Humans are resistive to change, and many organizations have faced challenges to transform in a digital wa...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Transforming organization and culture to scale digital

27 Oct 2019

For implementing digital in any Bank/Financial Industry/organization, there has to be shift in the organization culture. Leaders in every department have to move out of the comfortable glass door and understand the journeys to be undertaken at every level in the organization – be it operational/business/strategic and how the journeys impact the cu...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Redesigning user and customer interfaces for seamless digital experience and journey

16 Mar 2019

Introduction User journey and customer journey are the buzzwords in the IT industry, given the need for redesigning applications for a better user/customer experience. When it comes to selecting or prioritizing software applications for redesigning, from amongst multiple applications that provide similar critical business functionalities, user exp...

Digital Banking Trends

Banking Transactions without a Bank account or a Bank

16 Mar 2019

Banking – The conventional way In traditional banking, bank accounts are opened by the end customers/consumers to conduct critical and common banking transactions – payments and transfers, loan disbursements and repayments, forex transactions, investment and private banking etc. Sometimes one single operative account and multiple sub accounts are...