Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Consultant at Infosys
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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Can decisions be timely and agile?

30 Sep 2021

The need for digitization has increased during the pandemic- change in existing process, adoption of new systems and process, new businesses, and the applicability in diverse industries. This has been glaringly visible in the banking /financial services industry where Banks are not able to service the consumer online or meet the needs of new age c...

Trends in Financial Services

It is not a code, but a rule

31 Mar 2021

Traditionally, software products were programmed with business logic using multiple programming languages. There was an underlying business which was converted into logic using different software programmes/languages and the same was maintained over a period. The type of programming language evolved from early 1950s like the Fortran developed by I...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

The Road to Invisible Banking

18 Mar 2021

The concept of Invisible Banking has been gaining traction and popularity with many of the industry veterans and Bankers using the same word alike- in retail or corporate banking space. With more and more digital modes of Banking options available, consumers are unaware as to whether they are doing a banking transaction or a sale/purchase transact...


Bigger than Technology

I need a matured chatbot !!!!

18 Aug 2020

Chat bots or chat engine are an efficient way of communicating with the end consumer. Towards the last few years, chat bots or chat engine has become popular with many B2C establishments – ecommerce shops, Banks, insurance, health care services, online retail etc. Each of these chat engines provide unique features while responding to the customer ...