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Anthony Cossey

Anthony Cossey

Project Manager at Fixnetix ltd
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Bio Project Manager for Fixnetix Career History Project Manager within London's Financial Sector for over 15 years, Former ICE, Knight Ridder / Bridge / Telerate employee where i fulfilled a variety of positions in Tech Support, Operations Management and Project Management, Worked within an ISP and ASP environment, Linux & Open Source Advocate.


Information Security

Rise of the Boot Disk

09 Mar 2011

I am now asking friends and family to keep a spare CD or USB Flash Drive on which to keep a LIVE version of a linux distribution, why do i do this? Well there are a few good reasons even for the most careful of users. If you are not sure what a LIVE CD is then please do check out the excellent article at Wikipedia here


Information Security

Osama Rim Laden?

05 Aug 2010

The UAE and Saudi Arabia have banned certain communications services available via Blackberry devices in their countries, simply because the data leaving the device is encrypted and this makes the data difficult to perform snooping on. This to me defies logic, if were using any Internet connected device for illegal purposes, i would certainly be u...


iPhone and iTunes Security

17 Mar 2010

I don't own an iPhone, the Blackberry Bold suits best the way i work on the move, however i have been looking into various aspects of the iPhone as a development platform. I am a little concerned about the security aspects of some of the practices that the iPhone employs, not from an OS perspective, but from the view on how it interops with itunes...



Securely Delete Files on your Computer

08 Dec 2009

There are times when you really want to make sure a file on your computer is deleted and can't be recovered by a PC expert, I am sure I don't have to preach about how it is really important these days to 'securely delete' your files. Remember any leak of the data in your files with any financial records or personal information can of course lead yo...


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