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Inna Abolikhina

Inna Abolikhina

VP of Business Development at DashDevs
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Bio As the VP of Business Development at DashDevs, a top provider of software development services for the fintech industry, I have over a decade of experience in building and leading successful teams. With a strong interest in new technologies, especially in the fast-moving fintech sector, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to drive growth and innovation for our company, whether it's through partnerships, new product development, or exploring emerging technologies.


Fintech innovation and startups

The Power of Outsourcing and Team Augmentation in Fintech

25 Jul 2023

Navigating the fintech landscape? Whether you're an early stage startup building a fintech product from scratch or an established player aiming to hit ambitious milestones, finding the right way to accelete your development efforts is critical. A significant decision every fintech faces is whether to leverage the expertise of an experienced vendor...