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Igor Chugunov

Igor Chugunov

CEO at Credits Blockchain and Payment Platform
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Bio Since 2016 CEO of Credits Blockchain and Payment Platform. Today Credits Blockchain is considered to be one the fastest on the market. FinTech line of products under the Credits brand is under development. We are striving for the best possible result with the product we build. Career History Entrepreneur in FinTech. In the past, successfully launched such projects as and CPA marketing agency KREDOV.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Digital transformation of banking services

08 Oct 2021

Banking, just like many other industries, is moving to an online format. One thing to remember is that banks are large complex organizations. Many of them have been on the market for a couple of hundred years. Regulations for any financial services are complicated too. So how does it look in practice? The challenge Traditionally, financial serv...