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Orkhan Nasibov

Orkhan Nasibov

CEO at Guavapay, Ph.D. in Economics
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Bio CEO at Guavapay, a fintech company that provides payment processing services. Career History I have a big experience of working in state authorities and private companies where I took different governing positions. I am a Ph.D. in Economics.



Is Cryptocurrency here to stay?

08 Jul 2021

The development of currency is directly connected with the use of new technologies and the introduction of innovations. The digital development of financial technology invariably leads to the development of cryptocurrencies. Many financial technologies, previously perceived with skepticism, are fundamental to the smooth functioning of the financia...



14 Jan 2021

The financial industry is going through drastic changes over the last few years and fintech’s speedy acceleration has driven the innovations in financial services. Technological innovation and finance have long since gone hand in hand. The industry has been quick to adopt technology since the early days of computing and fintech and logically evolut...


The Efficiency of Fintech in the transformation of Bank Payment Services

06 Jan 2021

The globalization of the world economy has radically changed the development processes of the financial market in general and commercial banks in particular, giving them an innovative focus. As the world becomes extremely global the necessity for cross-border payments grows. The pace of changes accelerates with the tendency to speed, convenience, ...


How Blockchain promotes the acceleration and adoption of Internet of Payments?

17 Dec 2020

In a customer-oriented society, the technologies are competing with each other in convenience, quickness, security, and agility what has resulted in unprecedented acceleration of advanced technologies. Today the IoT promotes a totally interacted world where things can exchange measured data and thus create a fully connected environment. The IoT c...