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Chief Financial Officer at NorthRow
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Bio At NorhRow I lead Commercial Finance, Business Partnering, Financial Control, External Reporting, Audit and Advisory, and fund-raising activity. Career History I joined NorthRow in 2018 from Tandem Bank, where I served as Finance Director through a successful banking licence application, Series B fund-raise and the acquisition of Harrods Bank. Prior to Tandem, I spent ten years with RBS as Finance Director for the Lombard Asset Finance and RBS Invoice Finance businesses.


Financial Transformation

The Future of Compliance: Digital Transformation Meets Regulation

25 Jun 2020

Digital Transformation (DT), is nothing new; it’s an industry in itself that has become diluted to a point where it has virtually lost its meaning. However it represents a step-change in the speed at which customer user experience (UX) and service innovation is delivered by regulated businesses. This should be throughout the customer journey, from...


Will Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Still Apply After Brexit?

15 Jun 2020

On the 31st December 2020, the UK will complete its transition period to leave the European Union (EU), with or without a trade deal agreement in place. Whilst we anticipate that Brexit will affect regulatory compliance for many sectors, the full extent of the impact is somewhat unclear until negotiations have been finalised. In this article, we d...


Are the COVID-19 UK Government Loans a Help or Hindrance to the UK Economy?

29 May 2020

The government's recent Bounce Back Loan Scheme has been a lifeline for small businesses struggling under the economic pressure of the pandemic. With more than £14bn lent to SMEs and sole traders, there are growing concerns within the banking sector for increasing default rates in the years ahead. In our latest article we discuss what the outlook ...


How FinTechs are transforming SME lending

20 May 2020

The unprecedented uncertainty caused by the pandemic is having a profound impact on SMEs around the globe. Lenders must ensure they deliver funds quickly and efficiently to help ensure the survival of small businesses. With lockdown measures still in place for many, the questions is how can lenders continue to deliver faster funding for SMEs durin...