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René Hendrikse

René Hendrikse

Vice President & Managing Director, EMEA & LATAM at Mitek
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Bio I head Mitek's business in EMEA. I work with big businesses striving to achieve ambitious digital transformation goals. Career History In my 20-year career, I have worked for global technology companies such as BMI and Verizon. In the ever changing world of fintech, businesses must keep growing security threats in check. To achieve this, boardrooms need to put identity verification at the top of their agendas.



Identity technology in the sharing economy

23 Aug 2019

Arguably, the sharing economy may have shrunk our ‘small worlds’ even further. We can now easily book ourselves a stay in the home of ‘trustworthy’ strangers, pick up someone else’s ‘off-the-road’ car to do our weekly grocery shopping, or find someone to pick up our dry-cleaning – all merely a few swipes away. The only seemingly missing piece – th...


PSD2: It's Time For Digital Banking And E-Commerce To Innovate

16 Aug 2019

Like many recent inventions, digital banking and e-commerce have made our lives substantially better. Designed to save time and money, they’ve empowered consumers, created thriving marketplaces and allowed businesses to embrace asset-light business models. Open banking was quick to follow, allowing consumers to benefit from better deals, access to...

Banking Regulations

Identity technology and Dublin’s draw for fintech firms post-Brexit

09 Aug 2019

The appointment of Gabriel Makhlouf as the 12th governor of the Central Bank of Ireland earlier this year hasn’t gone unnoticed. Until recently the top official in New Zealand’s treasury, he will be the first foreign official to occupy the post in the entire history of Ireland’s financial regulator. Coincidentally, Gabriel Makhlouf also boasts top...