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Dmitrii Barbasura

Dmitrii Barbasura

Chief Executive Officer at Salt Edge
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Bio Dmitrii is the CEO and co-founder at Salt Edge, a global Open Banking platform. He sets the strategy of the company and plays a crucial role in the development vision. Career History Dmitrii has 15 years of work experience in the fintech industry, specializing in payments, e-commerce, credit cards processing, API development, and data aggregation. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of cross border data processing, GDPR, PIPEDA, and expertise in Open Banking and PSD2.


Banking Regulations

Why open banking APIs are so different

28 Apr 2021

Open banking comes with a lot of expectations and promises, such as democratisation of Access to Account (X2A), increased competition between banks and fintechs, and provision of better control to end-customers over their financial data and payments. To facilitate the adoption of open banking, several API standards incentives were created includin...


Open Banking

6 key pillars that make open banking actually work

25 Feb 2021

This is the second article from the series about the value of open banking and the rules it comes with. In the first article we have discussed the value of open banking and the benefits it brings to each market player. Today, we are going to discuss criteria that have to be respected to create perfect conditions for open banking to function in har...

Open Banking

The value that open banking brings to each market player

08 Sep 2020

This article is part of a series about the value of open banking and the rules it comes with. Open banking fundamentally changes the landscape of the modern financial sector, stimulating all types of companies to release new services and making traditional banking products simpler, and more convenient, while removing additional costs. Open banking ...

Digital Identity Management

Why PISPs should not be required to perform AML checks toward PSUs

08 Jan 2020

According to PSD2, a payment initiation service provider (PISP) represents a payment institution, and thus falls under the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Terrorist Financing (ATF) regulations. Yet, for many market participants the setup of these checks from PISP’s side is not clear. I think this is an interesting topic that hasn't been explo...


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