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Covering all aspects of financial services in Asia from banking in China to algo trading in Japan.

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King Leung

Proactive policies creating “eastern wind” moment for Hong Kong in battle for fintech leadership

In the Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, military strategist Zhuge Liang prays for the “eastern wind” as the final missing element to feed the fires that would rage across the ships and t...

19 Jan 2023
Andrei Karpushonak

Exploring the Potential of Private Equity: Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Investing

Private equity is an investment asset class that involves the purchase of shares in private companies, typically those not listed on a public stock exchange. Professional investors such as venture cap...

17 Jan 2023
King Leung

Behind the Scenes, Hong Kong is Setting the Stage for the Next Fintech Revolution

All around the world, central banks are exploring and experimenting with the potential of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), with around 100 countries having launched projects related to the techno...

29 Aug 2022
King Leung

Hong Kong’s FinTech Sector’s ‘Wine Valley’ Moment

The economist Michael Porter once said that California is successful for its wine, not because of its meteorological conditions, but because it has an economic cluster of interconnected wineries, grap...

16 Dec 2021
Daniel Fasnacht

Banking 4.0: Digital Ecosystems and Super-Apps

Banking 4.0 is characterised by digital innovations, fusing the physical, artificial, and biological worlds, affecting societies, industries, and companies with ever higher speed and intensity. In th

08 Jun 2021
King Leung

The scale-up factor: Hong Kong’s fintech advantage in the post-pandemic world

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced lockdowns and impacted economies globally. As we recover from the pandemic, the focus for international finance hubs is resilience and recovery. One of the most import...

02 Feb 2021
Hannes Van Rensburg

When will WeChat for the Free World Emerge

On the face of it, WeChat is just like any other chat platform. You download the WeChat app onto your mobile phone, register to use the service, and chat with any other subscriber of the service, just...

02 Sep 2020
Chris Holmes

Status check: China's regulatory landscape

China’s FinTech industry is incomparable to the rest of the world. It is home to eight of the world’s leading FinTech unicorns, with an average value of $26.8BN – eight times greater than the average...

24 Jan 2020
Vaibhav Grover

How Asian Banks are revolutionizing the customer onboarding

Introduction As per a report from Forbes1, from 1980 to 2010, the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean banking industries' assets expanded 20, 15 and 13 fold respectively. And, as per One Road research2...

26 Nov 2019
Retired Member

Open Banking - growth opportunities in Retail Banking

Introduction Access to customer data has been a topic of conversation for many governments around the world in recent years, with many regimes around the world slowly moving towards legislation requir...

15 Oct 2019

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