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Covering all aspects of financial services in Asia from banking in China to algo trading in Japan.

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King Leung

The scale-up factor: Hong Kong’s fintech advantage in the post-pandemic world

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced lockdowns and impacted economies globally. As we recover from the pandemic, the focus for international finance hubs is resilience and recovery. One of the most import...

02 Feb 2021
Hannes Van Rensburg

When will WeChat for the Free World Emerge

On the face of it, WeChat is just like any other chat platform. You download the WeChat app onto your mobile phone, register to use the service, and chat with any other subscriber of the service, just...

02 Sep 2020
Chris Holmes

Status check: China's regulatory landscape

China’s FinTech industry is incomparable to the rest of the world. It is home to eight of the world’s leading FinTech unicorns, with an average value of $26.8BN – eight times greater than the average...

24 Jan 2020
Vaibhav Grover

How Asian Banks are revolutionizing the customer onboarding

Introduction As per a report from Forbes1, from 1980 to 2010, the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean banking industries' assets expanded 20, 15 and 13 fold respectively. And, as per One Road research2...

26 Nov 2019
Retired Member

Open Banking - growth opportunities in Retail Banking

Introduction Access to customer data has been a topic of conversation for many governments around the world in recent years, with many regimes around the world slowly moving towards legislation requir...

15 Oct 2019
Retired Member

Why Wealth Managers Need Effective Client Onboarding

Many wealth managers are losing money because they do not understand client onboarding. Unfortunately, onboarding done wrong will drive clients away; because the onboarding process begins the moment, ...

17 Sep 2019
Retired Member


How Asian family firms need to behave to survive? How Wealth Managers can profit from this environment? Disruptive technology is the greatest threat and biggest opportunity for Asian family busines

04 Sep 2019
Sudhesh Giriyan

The development and impact of remittances in Asia

Overseas employment is a significant contributor to Asian economies and the well-being of workers’ families, who often depend on remittances to meet their basic needs. In 2017, Asia and Europe were th...

06 Jun 2019
Lydia Leung

The true value of start-ups in Asia

People often say valuation is more an "art" than a science. Are start-ups' true valuations in line with media quotations, or what owners believe to be their value? It's high time to increase...

03 Jun 2019
Joey Kim

Riding the Korea FinTech Wave

In stark comparison to how technologically advanced South Korea is (say for instance, introducing the world’s first 5G internet for smartphones) and being recognized as the most innovative country in...

17 Apr 2019

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