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Vikas Seth

Chief Product Officer at IDnow Gmbh
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Bio Responsible for next generation identity verification platform built on state of art AI technologies.Current identity verification platform which is delivering various products like VideoIdent, AutoIdent, eSign and wallet. Career History Seasoned Engineering and Product Management leader in software industry serving large enterprises, SMBs as well as consumers. Helping companies scale up.


Digital Identity Management

Everyone with payment wallets but how about Identity Wallets

24 Jan 2021

Being in identity and security space for quite a while now, obviously when I talk to friends and family, they all get excited about whole identity verification and cutting-edge technology behind it. One very logical and obvious question I often get asked is, “Well I have this payment app/wallet (Apple pay or google pay or Paytm or what not) I am u...



C'mon UBER, You can still lead by Example

12 Feb 2020

Even though UBER being banned from London is old news (from 3 months ago), this is still quite relevant nowadays The reason as stated in new articles was that UBER had some fake drivers (either holding invalid licenses or not insured) going through verification process successfully. The fact that fraud i...


Digital Banking Trends

eIDAS and Electronic Signatures, A positive way forward for European organizations

06 Feb 2020

eIDAS and electronic signatures – A positive way forward for European organizations Electronic signatures have gained popularity over the years due to the level of convenience and security around this solution. With the introduction of the eIDAS regulation in July 2016, there has been a significant increase in their application and acceptance.


How to improve your business with strong online identity verification

04 Dec 2019

Going global means breaking geographical barriers and allowing people to connect from anywhere at any time. Every day, we see various business processes being digitized to allow businesses to go global. In this digital age, where an increasing number of companies are offering virtual services, strong authentication with online identification hold