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Bio Sophia is a Project Manager with 6 years of experience in banking and finance industry. With an economics degree, Sophia analyzes key digital challenges facing the banking industry and writes about the emerging trends in banking software development, such as mobile banking and blockchain.



Why Predictive Analytics in Banking Is Transformational

03 Dec 2019

The banking sector struggles with two contradicting challenges. First, it needs to adopt the latest technologies to stay competitive and fight fraud. Second, it still has to hold on to legacy systems, frequently those on-premises, that offer stability and a certain degree of protection. Clients are also putting more pressure on financial service p...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

The Transformational Role of AI in Finance

29 Sep 2019

More than 60 years have passed since artificial intelligence was a daring concept at Dartmouth –°ollege which only got half of the requested funding. Right now, AI is a $9.5 billion industry, projected to reach $118.6 billion by 2025, according to Statista. Due to its immediate applications in streamlining processes, improving customer care, and ma...

Innovation in Financial Services

Is the Financial Sector Ready for Innovation with Computer Vision?

28 Oct 2018

What if computers had eyes like us and they could understand what they saw? That is the bet behind AI-powered computer vision. While streaming video from a set of cameras to a computer is already decades old technology, helping the machine to be aware of what is in sight and take decisions based on the live information is still something scientist...


Business Knowledge for IT

Why Business Intelligence Turns CFOs into Strategic Advisors

04 Jun 2018

Increasingly, companies are striving to be data-driven. Decisions are not only informed by data but are made precisely because of data. This enables companies to make more prudent and productive decisions which can help them discover and leverage their competitive advantages. Financial data has emerged as one of the most important sources of such ...