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The Only Way to Secure the Future is to Create It

10 May 2016

Some pretty powerful words were shared at this year’s NACHA Payments 2016 conference. In a world where faster payments are coming, forget about thinking big. It’s all about creativity. While the U.S. benefits from learning from exsiting faster payment implementations, there are a number of integration and tools considerations for U.S. banks, combi...


Achieving Compliance Overcoming the Data Integration Challenges

21 Mar 2016

The results of the Accenture 2016 Compliance Risk Study ( raise some important points to consider to my mind. The two specific action points suggested by Accenture that I found of particular interest are: The improvement in resource utilization on...


10 Steps to MiFIR Success

09 Feb 2016

Across asset classes, the structure of markets is changing with new information flows between traders, venues clearers, depositories and regulators. The redefinition of the financial messaging landscape is continuous and is not stopping any time soon. Currently high, and for the first time on the agenda for U.S. investment firms is MiFIR. Dates ma...


Payment Factory - Data integration strategy that counts

21 Nov 2014

The benefits associated with the implementation of a payments factory have been achievable for some time now, with new, additional benefits and indeed challenges, being realized as payments processing becomes yet more complex. SEPA, the simplification of bank transfers and increased adoption of a common data standard are challenges that can on the ...