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Two-thirds of UK workers want a better work-life balance

Do you see work-life balance as a myth, or is it something you constantly strive to achieve? Research from Gallup shows that 61% of U.S workers are seeking a more improved work life balance, a desire brought about by the increase in flexible working caused by the pandemic.

The picture is broadly the same in the UK. Recent research from HR and payroll software company Ciphr discovered that more than over two-thirds of people – specifically, 70% of women and 65% of men – rated work-life balance as more important than pay.

The discovery of flexibility in how and where we worked during the Coronavirus crisis offered a realisation that careers could, and perhaps should, fit around our lives instead of the opposite approach which had become the norm. 

However, while the majority of us desire a greater balance, only a minority know how to achieve it; or so a study from Harvard Business School carried out among mid- and senior-level workers would indicate.

It found that when trying to achieve work-life balance, those that believe they have it, view it as a cyclical thing rather than a hard and fast life rule. They appreciate that reactivity is needed and hard decisions need to be made. The study showed that a work-life balance comes from an understanding that sacrifices will need to happen both at work and home, decisions must be definite, and support is needed from all sources.

How can you develop a greater work-life balance? Read on.

Define success for yourself

What does a successful work-balance look like for you? It will certainly differ from that of the person sitting next to you. It will be a mix of personal and professional goals and be heavily influenced by the controllables and non-negotiables in your life. Once you have defined what your win is, then you can start to make definite decisions on what you sacrifice in order to achieve it.

Manage technology

How can technology help you achieve your success? Hybrid working is now the norm for 84% of corporate workers according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), so what can you do with that freed-up commute time?

Can technology – everything from email to SLACK and WhatsApp to Zoom – make your working day smoother? On the flip side, it’s important to acknowledge what aspects of technology it might be time to cut yourself off from; email threads you don’t need to be on or remote meetings you may not need to attend. Technology should save time, not make it easier to waste.

Build support networks at work and at home

Delegation at both work and home is imperative if you’re to hit goals without working around the clock. At home, outsource time-consuming tasks. While at work, look to the future and start to empower those around you to make decisions without you. The retention of key talent is essential for successful teams, and 70% of workers will remain with a company if they’re promoted within three years. 

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The Requirements: Proven working experience working with people-related systems, strong familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices as well as experience seeing projects through the full life cycle is required.

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