Mighter Gissing to deliver data contributions solution over RadianzNet

Mighter Gissing to deliver data contributions solution over RadianzNet

UK-based Mighter Gissing is to deliver its multi-vendor data contributions solution, ConteX, over global financial extranet RadianzNet.

ConteX enables firms to contribute real-time prices either by direct interbank exchange to Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs) or to multiple vendors.

By using ConteX as a distribution hub, banks and brokerages can simultaneously contribute data to target audiences via a single routing mechanism, says the vendor, eliminating the need to maintain point-to-point networks.

Mighter Gissing says the system can be used on RadianzNet to connect its individual client sites via the secure global network. Clients can contribute through RMDS, TIB, Triarch or a TCP/IP-based 'open mechanism'. The data is routed through a central kernel and converted into the protocols of each recipient.

Data can also be contributed between firms without an intermediary data vendor, making it possible for banks and brokerages to share data only with selected recipients.

Richard Gissing, managing director, Mighter Gissing, says offering ConteX on RadianzNet provides existing clients with the means to further extend their contributions capability.

He adds: "By using ConteX as a distribution hub, RadianzNet members will be able to rationalise their contributed data networks."

Radianz says it now offers secure access to more than 100 providers of market data and financial applications over its extranet.

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