S2 ready for Linux on IBM zseries 990 mainframe

S2 ready for Linux on IBM zseries 990 mainframe

S2 Systems has ported its OpeN/2 payment software to support Linux running on the new IBM eServer zSeries 990 mainframe servers.

The z990, the successor to the z900, is the result of a four-year $1bn investment, and will be ready to ship to customers by the end of next month.

When available and fully configured, the newest member of IBM's zSeries family comes in a range of four models engineered to give three times the processing power, four times the memory, and double the I/O capacity.

Stephen Clark, president and CEO of S2 Systems, says: "We now have active engagements with several institutions that have performed due diligence and also understand that the cost/benefit analysis is weighted heavily towards this breakthrough technology initiative. Most importantly, we now have implementation and support teams in place to replicate this validated OpeN/2-zSeries solution for server consolidation worldwide."

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