Thomson Financial launches Thomson Deals

Thomson Financial launches Thomson Deals

Thomson Financial has launched Thomson Deals, part of the vendor's One Banker desktop product, that will allow market practitioners to access a global repository of M&A deal data, commentary and analysis.

Thomson Deals will initally provide access to M&A analysis, but content will be expanded the course of the year to include bonds, loans and equities new issues data.

The product currently allows practitioners to access 400,000 M&A deal records spanning the last 30 years, via a Web-based interface. Users can select deal data, custom rankings and league tables from over 700 search criteria, enabling practitioners to identify and analyse business trends.

Thomson Deals also provides access to the vendor's financial and legal advisor league tables, enables users to create custom reports and analysis and offers advance screening options in a portable, desktop companion to the vendor's capital markets tool SDC Platinum.

Angela Burdett, managing director, investment banking, Thomson Financial Europe, says: "We've designed Thomson Deals to be the most complete source of global historical deal data intelligence available to market practitioners."

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