Commerzbank signs EasyScreen equities trading deal

Commerzbank signs EasyScreen equities trading deal

Commerzbank Securities has signed an agreement to offer electronic trading of CFDs (contracts for difference) and equities over the EasyScreen Data Centre system.

Once installed at Commerzbank, any EasyScreen Data Centre connected customer will be able to trade CFDs and equities alongside futures and options from a single account.

Connectivity between the Commerzbank Securities system and EasyScreen Data Centre is delivered via a FIX interface. Using the link-up, Commerzbank will be able to deliver the Easy Active Trade (EAT) trading screen to its clients, and offer prices to all EasyScreen customers trading on EasyRouter-based system installations or through the Data Centre.

Philip Docker, Chairman of EasyScreen, says: "This development for Commerzbank Securities typifies our strategy. In addition to the development and installation work we can market EAT screens to ComSec's significant customer base with the opportunity to gain ongoing screen and transactional revenues from sales."

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