Swedbank tunes in to digital TV

Swedbank tunes in to digital TV

Swedish cable-TV provider com hem and Swedbank have launched a banking information service via interactive digital TV.

Initially launched as a passive information channel, the service comprises financial news, current Swedbank mortgage, savings and loan interest rates and product information. Future phases will enable customers to conduct share and fund trading, inter-account transfers and access account statements via digital TV, states the bank.

Swedbank claims to be the first Swedish bank to launch an iDTV service.

Gert Engman, Swedbank’s deputy CEO and CIO, says the bank aims to increase customers' array of choices to access their bank. "Digital TV presents yet another opportunity in this regard, enabling Swedbank customers now to access their bank directly from home. This capability will become increasingly interesting as the relevant technology and opportunities for true interactivity evolve and improve."

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