KT Corporation makes smart move to EMV

KT Corporation makes smart move to EMV

KT Corporation (formerly Korea Telecom) is to use Bell ID's Andis Management Systems software to develop multi-application smart cards.

Netherlands-based Bell ID says its system will be integrated into KT's existing card infrastructure and include a post-issuance personalisation (PIP) module. This will enable cardholders to download additional applications after the card has been issued.

KT Corporation will issue both GlobalPlatform cards (based on JavaCard technology) and Multos smart cards which will initially be equipped with an EMV credit/debit application and an e-purse application. Cardholders will be able to load and remove up to five additional applications.

Bell ID says that KT Corporation and the issuing banks will share the same chip on cards but each will manage separate applications through the use of cryptographic keys.

Bell ID is implementing the solution in co-operation with South Korean-based HiSmarTech Co (HST). The two companies recently entered into a partnership agreement to assist banks and telecom operators in South Korea migrate to multi-application EMV smart card environments.

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