M35 launches Web services application server

M35 launches Web services application server

M35, a software and consultancy company set up by Kirk Wright, former president and co-founder of Corillian Corporation, and Russell Thornton, former director of consulting for Corillian International and director of software development for DKB International in London, has launched its first product, DataTrans, a Microsoft. NET-based Web services application server.

DataTrans is a rule driven, business transaction application server that combines traditional middleware functionality with reusable business logic, says the company. While traditional middleware provides a universal access point for enterprise data, the new server will offer both data access with application services.

Russell Thornton comments: "We’ve seen the limitations of middleware solutions at first hand and believe that DataTrans not only provides a credible alternative to high cost middleware but also extends the benefits of systems integration to new business areas."

The product offers multi-step transactional ability with serial and parallel execution, robust logging and monitoring, and centralised or distributed deployment options. DataTrans features stateless components, suitable for both real time and batch processing. Resources are used and released by these components as necessary, improving performance and lowering hardware requirements, says Thornton.

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