Ironbark releases Visual FpML components for .NET

Ironbark releases Visual FpML components for .NET

London-based start-up Ironbark has unveiled a suite of Visual FpML components for Microsoft .NET.

The components allow complex trading scenarios to be assembled on a Design Surface with compilation to libraries or stand-alone executables, without having to write any code.

Ironbark says the implementation is unique to support visual development as well as highly optimised code, allowing FpML to be efficiently used in trading and risk management applications.

Instead of coding, developers can piece together complex structures from a set of financial Lego blocks based on the FpML model. The financial products are compliant to ISDA's FpML trade description, the same format used by the electronic trading platforms BlackBird and SwapsWire.

Unlike the equities market, which has already migrated to electronic trading with the FIX protocol, the OTC derivatives markets still rely on fax and telephone. In the UK, the annual cost of processing these transactions is in excess of $2 billion, with over $400 million coming from back office costs alone.

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