Schlumberger delivers co-branded bank-retailer cards

Schlumberger delivers co-branded bank-retailer cards

Schlumberger Test & Transactions is delivering an end-to-end multi-application smart card solution for UK internet banking pioneer Egg and its partner, Boots the Chemist - the first such smart co-branded offering between a bank and retailer in the UK.

Schlumberger is the sole supplier of the smart cards for the new "Advantage Card Powered by Egg", a combined credit and loyalty card, and is also handling the whole supply chain - including data integration, personalisation and delivery to consumer.

The Schlumberger solutions infrastructure includes the data processing services to integrate and validate the requests for cards, whether from existing or new Boots cardholders and Egg customers. Once cleaned, the data is passed to Schlumberger personalisation services, which tailor individual cards for their users, and then to the company’s delivery services, which provide the complete package of card, PIN details and so on for despatch to the customer.

The combined payment and loyalty cards are based on the Schlumberger e-Galleon EMV smart card, certified by Europay, MasterCard, and Visa.

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