Schlumberger rolls out EMV chip card platform

Schlumberger rolls out EMV chip card platform

Schlumberger Test & Transactions has introduced a new range of smart payment cards designed to help banks migrate more efficiently to EMV (Europay/MasterCard/Visa) compatibility.

Schlumberger says the new e-Galleon cards will enable issuers to strike a balance between security, retailer and customer convenience, and operating overhead, to reflect local requirements within their global EMV migration strategy.

Brigitte D'Heygere, product marketing manager financial applications, says the new cards offer a "combination of security, speed and support for complementary services such as loyalty, on an easy to customise platform."

The card is equipped to provide additional post-issuance flexibility, through the ability to activate the PIN (personal identification number) to reflect local market changes. At the point-of-sale, the card may be used in off-line and on-line mode in accordance with local security requirements.

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