Schlumberger tries see-through marketing ploy

Schlumberger tries see-through marketing ploy

Schlumberger is offering style-conscious banks a new transparent smart card.

Billed as the first truly transparent smart card available worldwide, the Luxea card has been designed as a new branding tool to help banks and retailers differentiate their services in the marketplace. Although transparent, the cards can be detected by the infra-red sensors used to check card position in ATM, POS and other terminals.

The transparent card body will be available for all Schlumberger smart financial cards, including the Palmera(1) Visa Open Platform card, e-Galleon EMV card, and Cyberflex(1) cryptographic cards. Schlumberger will provide the new cards under exclusive agreements, based on the tint of the card and the region in which it will be used.

Schlumberger marketing manager, Ian MacLeod says: "Consumers make decisions for all sorts of reasons - and a novel and aesthetically appealing card like this can certainly influence their choice of service provider".

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