Eontec ports components to IBM zSeries

Eontec ports components to IBM zSeries

Dublin-based banking technology vendor Eontec is reporting a successful deployment of its Financial Components and MCA Services on the IBM Server zSeries operating system (z/OS).

Eontec has worked to deploy its software with successive generations of IBM platforms including its recent pre-configuration to Linux for IBM zSeries. With the new z/OS deployment, Eontec is now available across the IBM eServer family.

John Randles, CTO, Eontec, comments: "By bringing Eontec to the mainframe, banks can build customised and scalable enterprise solutions to meet the most demanding integration, re-engineering and system renewal challenges in the most cost efficient manner through true component reuse."

He says the deployment on IBM z/OS demonstrates Eontec's ability to execute at high business volumes whilst maintaining stability.

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