MasterCard signs smart card manufacturing deal with SchlumbergerSema

MasterCard signs smart card manufacturing deal with SchlumbergerSema

SchlumbergerSema has won a multi-year contract with MasterCard International to supply smart card manufacturing services to members and support them in accelerating their EMV migration programmes.

EMV is the standard set out by Europay/MasterCard/Visa to ensure chip card and terminal interoperability.

Under the agreement, SchlumbergerSema will offer a range of EMV-compliant cards to MasterCard's members with the card association's M/Chip EMV debit/credit application. Additional space will be available for value-added applications such as loyalty and e-purse functionality.

SchlumbergerSema will manufacture the cards to a standard finish. Members can choose the capacity of their chips, ranging from 16Kbytes to 64Kbytes, and select the Multos or SchlumbergerSema Palmera Protect Java-based platform for their cards.

The smart card manufacturing services will be provided by SchlumbergerSema to MasterCard members at a competitive rate, says the company.

Toni Merschen, senior vice president, chip and mobile commerce/wireless, MasterCard International, says: "SchlumbergerSema has the track record, the production capability, and the vital global expertise our members need to ensure a smooth transition to chip technology."

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