IBM introduces financial messaging infrastructure

IBM introduces financial messaging infrastructure

IBM has introduced a new messaging solution aimed at helping banks to connect with multiple financial networks, including the SwiftNet IP-based platform and the vendor's own Identrus-supported Trusted e-Payments Initiation solution.

Based on IBM's middleware, WebSphere Financial Network Integrator offers an integration base that supports communication channels and provides common infrastructure services such as message warehousing, security, event logging and communication channel administration.

The infrastructure links current financial network integration technologies to business integration technologies such as WebSphere MQ and IBM CrossWorlds, and allows financial institutions to build on current IT investments.

Mark Greene, general manager, global banking industry, IBM, says: "Financial institutions are faced with tremendous migration and integration issues and we want to provide them with an integration infrastructure to simplify network management and reduce IT cost."

Specific channel communications will be offered to migrate Merva (IBM's current mechanism for Swift message handling) customers to the SwiftNet platform.

The infrastructure also will support the Trusted e-Payments Initiation solution from IBM, which is based on Identrus collaboration model for the electronic commerce market.

WebSphere Financial Network Integrator with Trusted e-Payments Initiation and Swift IP extensions will be available in the second half of 2002, in line with the SwiftNet roll out.

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