Zurich tracks customer interactions with Starfish

Zurich tracks customer interactions with Starfish

Zurich Financial Services International has contracted with The Oceanus Group for the deployment of its Starfish multi-channel customer communications management system.

The system, which goes live in March, will enable Zurich to track, measure and quantify all customer interactions across a variety of delivery channels, including letter, telephone, fax, email, sms and corporate Web interfaces.

Users will be able to measure a range of metrics such as how long and how much resource it takes to settle different types of customer query, the volumes of current work or individual staff performance and the least expensive customer channels such as Web-based self-service and e-mail.

Starfish will be rolled out to 200 users at Zurich’s Isle of Man head office and a remaining 60 at its Dubai and Hong Kong offices. Eighty thousand of its paper–based customer files are in the process of being digitised and will then be accessed instantly by the service teams.

According to Peter Taylor, business project manager at Zurich Financial Services International, the main issues driving the firm to streamline customer services are the need to control the customer files and data, create more office space, manage risk and bring service closer to the customer.

“By helping us understand and manage our multiple customer communication channels, Starfish will drive down our operating costs and...free up our human resources to grow our business into new geographies, without the need for high investment,” says Taylor.

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