Diebold demonstrates iris verification at the ATM

Diebold demonstrates iris verification at the ATM

Diebold is showcasing a new automated teller machine which incorporates iris verification technology from Dutch firm Joh. Enschede Security Solutions (Jess) at the CeBit technology show in Hannover this week.

Iris verification entails comparing an individual's iris (coloured part of the eye) with a digitally pre-stored coded copy.

Max Snijder, manager, business development at Jess, says: "Iris patterns are unique and stable, and therefore offer a highly accurate form of verification. We have delivered security solutions based on the Iris Security Box to high-security departments in airports (Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam), banks, laboratories, nuclear plants and government buildings.

The Diebold ATM houses an internal camera that takes a picture of the user's iris and compares it to iris data stored on a chipcard. If they match, access to the ATM is granted. The camera can photograph the iris through glasses, contact lenses and most sunglasses, with verification typically requiring less than one second.

Reinoud Drenth, Diebold vice president and managing director, Europe, Middle East and Africa, comments: "Iris verification offers increased protection for the user because cards and PINs can be stolen, but a person's unique iris pattern cannot be imitated."

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