Bank of Central Asia adopts biometrics for EFT

Bank of Central Asia adopts biometrics for EFT

Indonesia's Bank of Central Asia (BCA) is to extend its use of Identix' biometric fingerprint technology for authenticating staff when processing high-value funds transfers.

BCA has placed a $400,000 order for 500 Identix V20 Fingerscan units to be deployed in select branches throughout Indonesia to assist the bank in the secure processing of high-value electronic fund transactions.

These systems are in addition to the more than 3000 Identix TouchLock II Fingerscan systems the bank currently has in place performing the same function.

Identix' fingerprint biometric technology has been directly integrated into the BCA electronic fund transfer delivery system to ensure that no electronic transfer in excess of a certain value may be processed without proper biometric verification. Bank tellers and managers are enrolled in the system and assigned specific levels of approval for electronic fund transfers. Teller stations throughout BCA's banking network are equipped with Identix systems and tellers must authenticate themselves via fingerprint prior to processing an electronic fund transfer. At very high values, a supervisor is also required to approve the transfer and verify his identity prior to the electronic transfer being processed.

Bob McCashin, Identix chairman & CEO Bob McCashin, notes: "No high-value transfer can be processed without the teller, and sometimes a manager, verifying his identity via fingerprint biometrics. BCA is able to tie the specific teller to the specific transaction via his or her fingerprint, eliminating the potential for that individual to deny that he preformed the transfer."

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