Precise Biometrics patents fingerprint ID for mobile phones

Precise Biometrics patents fingerprint ID for mobile phones

Swedish company Precise Biometrics has received patent-approval for a new biometric fingerprint identification system which can be fitted to mobile phones and PDAs.

The system uses a small sensor the size of a fingertip which, due to its size, is less expensive and can be built into devices such as mobile phones and PDAs, says the company.

Traditional sensors are currently much too expensive to build into mobile phones, PDAs or similar kinds of consumer product.

Ola Svedin, director of research and development at Precise Biometrics, notes: "Our technology works just as well for a PC as it does for a mobile phone or PDA."

The patent applies to Sweden and is binding until 2018. Patent protection has been sought in the EU and elsewhere. Precise Biometrics' two previously approved patents concern a method for matching fingerprints, and a technique for effectively matching the images of fingerprints using a PC. The company currently has 27 patents pending for 13 different inventions.

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