Cameron rolls out plug and play FIX server

Cameron rolls out plug and play FIX server

Cameron Systems is rolling out version 6.0 of its CameronFIX product, which offers a configurable plug and play server application for communication using FIX protocol.

The CameronFIX Universal Server can communicate with customers' internal systems via a range of different adapters. Adapters are available for connections to any Microsoft Windows applications such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Excel and Delphi; messaging products with a Java Messaging Service interface — Talarian SmartSockets, Tibco Rendezvous and IBM MQ Series; and secure sockets layer.

The server can simultaneously manage multiple FIX connections, multiple FIX versions and FIX dialects, says Cameron. Multiple client connections can run simultaneously whilst operating with different FIX versions.

John Cameron, chief technology officer, Cameron Systems, says: "CameronFIX 6.0 with the Universal Server will help customers with fewer IT resources to connect easily to the FIX protocol."

The product, which supports the latest version 4.3 FIX protocol, has been in beta testing with six clients, including Singer Friedlander Investment Management (London).

Richard Curry, chief operating officer, Singer Friedlander Investment Management, comments: "We have found CameronFIX version 6.0 an easy way to get connected to the FIX protocol so far...We need to initiate a FIX connection from a Visual Basic application and we have found the COM/ActiveX interface a simple way to do this."

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