Cameron and Aegis team up for FIX integration

Cameron and Aegis team up for FIX integration

Trading technology vendor Cameron Systems has contracted with IT consultancy Aegis Software to provide support, integration and consulting services for its CameronFIX product across the United States.

The CameronFIX engine is used by large and medium size fund managers, brokers and exchanges who wish to communicate financial information via the FIX protocol. Clients include UBS Warburg, Knight Securities, Barclays Capital, Dresdner Bank, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Investment Services and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Under the agreement, CameronFIX clients in the US can access Aegis’ support services, as well as their FIX-based consulting services for integration and training. The deal also gives Aegis the right to resell CameronFIX and integrate the FIX engine into its own trading products.

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