AmEx to revamp voice trading with Syntegra

AmEx to revamp voice trading with Syntegra

The American Stock Exchange is to upgrade its New York trading facility using voice technology from Syntegra.

The exchange has contracted with Syntegra for an estimated 1300 trading positions to be implemented at 86 Trinity Place by the end of 2002.

The Syntegra IP-ready ITS pV205Hi turret closely integrates with the existing Nortel Meridian PBX, via a Meridian Customer Defined Network (MCDN) interface, enabling floor traders to access many PBX features from their turrets, including dialing PBX extensions, placing and receiving PBX-managed calls, as well as accessing voicemail services supported by the PBX.

At only eight inches high, just over nine inches wide, and 1.75 inches deep, the pV205Hi was created specifically to accommodate the demands of floor-based exchange traders.

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