Acument launches One Bond Source

Acument launches One Bond Source

US brokerage firm Acument Securities, Inc. has launched a new Web site,, featuring bond investments and education throughout the entire fixed income spectrum.

The online bond site provides guidance to investors about higher yielding investments to increase their investment yield, while providing education to limit the market risks associated with this segment of the fixed income market, says the company.

Features of the One Bond Source Web site include charts, select investments, taxable equivalent calculators, news, commentary, research, treasury technicals, and education about the market segments.

The site was founded by John Boudinot, a twenty-year investment industry veteran who has recently worked for online bond companies Bond Exchange and Bond He believes most online bond investors are not well serviced by current online bond sites.

Boudinot states: “Our site goes further than just providing information about price changes in today’s treasury market and a list of bonds. We teach investors about bond markets and why particular bonds may be best suited for one investor and not another, why tax free bonds may be best for an individual or why investment grade corporate bonds may be a better choice. Our goal is to hike investors up the learning scale to become comfortable with particular bond investments, often buying a bond product for the first time."

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