Smart Visa Framework to ease chip card development

Smart Visa Framework to ease chip card development

In a move aimed at reducing the time and cost of development for smart-card applications, Visa USA has released a set of common commands, data structures, security protocols, and access methods that help to generically manage personal data.

The new smart Visa framework - developed by Oberthur Card Systems and enabled for Open Platform 2.0 - features a suite of applets and personalisation requirements designed to streamline programming for a diverse range of smart-card applications.

"The smart Visa Framework further reduces entry barriers for the many developers working on smart-card applications today," says Patrick Gauthier, senior vice president of smart card applications for e-Visa.

In the new Framework, a single applet can be used to support a variety of programs - from frequent-shopper services to Internet authentication. The solution defines the applet lifecycle, eliminating the need for developers to redesign applets or manage cumbersome card-personalisation processes, says Visa.

Requiring less memory, the Framework has been designed so that issuers may increase post-issuance card functionality without requiring a complex infrastructure for loading applets. As a result new applications can be deployed for cards already issued via software for PCs and point-of-sale devices.

Card issuers, merchants, developers, card providers and other interested parties can obtain the smart Visa Framework applet code and documentation from Visa USA or Oberthur. Integration testing services for new applications are offered by Caradas, a smart Visa Technology Provider.

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