ACI Wallet applies Visa verification standard

ACI Wallet applies Visa verification standard

ACI Worldwide has incorporated the Verified by Visa Internet payer authentication process into its consumer digital wallet.

The ACI Virtual Wallet stores consumers’ personal information and automatically completes payment forms, secure log-in screens and other consumer-defined Web pages. It initiates e-payments via multiple devices, including personal computers and personal digital assistants.

Incorporating the Verified by Visa authentication process to protect consumers' accounts from unauthorised use will add another layer of security for consumers choosing to shop online, says Mark Vipond, president of ACI Worldwide.

Verified by Visa, based on the 3-D Secure interoperability standard, enables Visa card issuers and merchants to verify a cardholder's identity in real time during online payment transactions. Each time cardholders make purchases at participating online stores, they are automatically presented with a Verified by Visa window in which they enter their password and authenticate themselves to the card issuer.

Vipond comments: "Verified by Visa provides a safe shopping experience by helping consumers protect their cards from fraud, and by giving card issuers and merchants the assurance that cardholders are who they say they are."

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